Companies Need To Embrace Digital Advancement, Make Use Of Websites As A Mode Of Communication- Experts

It’s easy to get a customer but keeping them is golden. For any business to thrive, it should have a strategy aimed at maintaining and attracting new customers on a daily basis.

According to Jane Mugasa the director Home Clean Enterprises, retaining and attracting new customers requires companies to focus on satisfying their current customers, encouraging past customers and attracting new ones to their business as well as identifying their unique selling points that would set them different from their competitors.

She says that the current economic climate is very competitive and requires business people to use new and modern techniques of satisfying and maintaining customers so as to keep their businesses moving steadily.

Know their needs

Mugasa notes that talking to your customers about their needs and concerns is a good way of retaining and attracting new clients.

“If you sell a commodity to a client, don’t only stop at selling it, explain to the client how it works, be specific, honest and clear and remember to keep in touch with the client to show them you can and appreciate their efforts put in to support you,” she says.

Be unique

Isaac Mujuni, a business man says that the business world is very competitive with a lot of similar enterprise and what set you apart is how you deliver your product.


“You could encourage people to buy by offering lower prices for immediate or bulk purchases, you can design coupons or e-vouchers, you can also offer some simple gifts to customers who buy in bulk and all this will help you to attract them.

He also says that companies can reward their customers with loyalty schemes. He however notes that using a unique strategy to sell can be done well with by ensuring that the staff is fully aware of their customer base, products and services.

He advises companies to package their products in an attractive way so as to make them look appealing and attract more buyers keeping in mind who your competitors are and what they are offering.

Use the internet

Mugasa notes that companies need to embrace the digital advancement and make use of websites as a mode of communication. We are in a modern era where clients first check out the commodities they want to buy online.

“Do not allow your company to be left behind, create a website where you can update your potential customers about what you have in stock; on that very website you can also create a platform for feedback such that you respond to all the queries of your clients. This is a good strategy for mantling and attracting new clients,” she says.

Avoid counter fake

Mujuni says that a company can be able to maintain and attract new customers when it has reliable and genuine products.

He says the reason why some companies cannot manage to sustain customers for a long time is because they sell fake products to clients.

“If a buyer comes to your business and gets a good product that meets his or her satisfaction, be sure to have them back because genuine products will maintain your clients as well as win you new ones,” he observes.

Carry out surveys and embrace them

Susan Namara a sales executive says if a company needs to make more sales then it needs to carry out surveys and   work so hard to increase the outcomes.

“Create platforms that can enable customers to give feedback, after getting the feedback take it serious and work upon the gaps that customers have identified as your weak points, this will help your company to do what makes the customers happy and contented,” he says.

Encourage referrals from existing clients

She adds that referrals from satisfied customers endorsing your business are the best way of getting new customers. If a client tells you they are happy with some work you have done for them, ask them to recommend you to other potential customers.

Appreciate them by offering incentives such as a discount off their next order for every new customer an existing client points in your direction.


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