Commercialization of Politics Limiting Participation of Minorities – Report

As the country gears up to the 2021 General Elections a new study has showed a big rise in commercialization of politics to the level now that in order for one to win any election they need to inject hundreds of millions of shillings.

The report made by Public Policy Institute (PPI) with support from Netherlands Institute for Multiparty Democracy shows that commercialization of Ugandan politics will mostly likely lock out more women and youths from participate in politics.

Reacting to this report, political party leaders and other politicians blamed this on the break down in service delivery which has left voters with no option but to seek services from contestants.

Nobert Mao the Democratic Party (DP) President said the trend of offering voters money before election has affected relationships between them and their leaders.

“After going through, Politicians buy big cars, tint them drive while spreading dust to the voters but they can’t complain about anything to him because he paid for their votes.”

On his part, Gen Mugisha Muntu the president for Alliance for National Transformation (ANT) asked Ugandans to change their mentality of expecting money from candidates.

“Those who are educated should take the fore front at reversing this situation. Many complain of service delivery but in elections they vote basing on who has paid them money instead of ability.”

According to the survey, in 2016 contestants on Parliamentary seat spent an average of 485 million shillings in mainstream constituencies.


98.6% of these candidates used personal funds, 13.6 got loans, 6.8% social groups, 43.9% from political parties and 74.3% from friends and family.

Parliamentary candidates in Western region spent the highest amount of money of up to 570 million at both primary and general elections while Eastern region recorded the lowest level with 315 million shillings per candidate

The survey went further and indicated that the average cost of maintaining office for Parliamentary office holders if 32 million shillings monthly.


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