Commercial Court Clerk Apologizes Over ‘Tumbiza Sound’ Dance

A clerkship intern at the Kampala High Court’s Commercial Division has issued an apology to the court judges and Administration for conducting herself indecently at the court premises.

Ms Ann Kakidi on Tuesday apologized for filming herself and her colleagues dancing raunchily inside the Commercial Court premises.

The ladies were dancing to the controversial “Tumbiiza Sound” song which government recently criticized for promoting defiance against the set prevention measures against Covid19.

In the apology letter to the Justice Peter Odonyo, the head of the Commercial Court as well as other judges at the court, Kakidi admitted that her behaviour “was not appropriate and did not reflect the respect expected in court.”

“Am (sic) deeply sorry for the misconduct and I pray for your pardon,” she wrote.

“This will never happen again and it is a big lesson to always think twice before making decisions as an aspiring advocate.”

The Tumbiza Sound song by Eric Opoka was almost banned by the Uganda Communications Commission recently over its lyrics which despise government measures to prevent the spread of Covid19 such as social distancing, and closure of entertainment places.

However, the Ministry of Health later held talks with the singer who agreed to improve the lyrics in a redo of the song.

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