Comic Patrick Salvador Intervenes In A Pass, Ykee Benda Beef

Comedian Patrick Salvador has jumped into the ongoing beef between singers Ykee Benda and A Pass.

The ‘Guli Wano’ and ‘Amina’ songsters were on Monday night embroiled in a nasty exchange of words on Twitter.

The beef was sparked after A Pass put up a tweet saying his concert can never flop because he is a big artiste where Ykee Benda retaliated back castigating him for taking a veiled jab at Fik Fameica whose ‘My Journey’ concert registered a poor turn up.

The singers went on a rampage of attacks against one another with A Pass branding Ykee as an ‘old fridge’ while Ykee called him ‘tits.’

Salvador, Man from Ombokolo asked A Pass and Ykee Benda to calm down and give credit to Fameica for as long as they have not  they have not staged a major show where the masses would judge.

“My message to @IamApass and @YkeeBenda … until both of you do a major show… please give credit to @FFameica for going all out.. Right now he is the teacher … esp you my kid bro A Pas … tusigale nga tuli bakakamu…Do a show and let the masses judge.” Salvador tweeted.


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