Comedian Martha Kay’s Obsession For Ykee Benda Intensifies, He Responds

On and off Comedian Martha Kay commonly known as the ‘Range Rover girl’ seems to be loosing sleep over singer Wycliff Tugume aka Ykee Benda.

Her undying fantasy and love for the ‘Singa’ singer started sometime back and it’s growing bigger each day that goes by to the point that most of her comedy clips are about him.
Previously she was among the enthusiastic participants in the #singaykee wange Valentine challenge. A challenge that was organized by Ykee Benda to treat the fan who sings best to a valentine’s special.
“So… my celebrity bae is doing a Valentine’s day challenge… I was appalled as to why he is playing hard to get. He couldn’t just ask me out directly,” Martha captioned after posting her video.
The Comedian has recently gone ahead to post a comedy clip where she had gone to  a witch doctor to seek his help on why the singer is not looking her way prior to his ‘Singa’ concert.
“Guys…since Ykee Benda has been ignoring me for so long… I decided to seek help from Jajja maaso. What do u think of his advise?” she lamented.
After getting unending ‘comic’ signals from the bootylicious black beauty, Benda finally decided to respond to her cries saying, ” So these Jajjas (witch doctors) be knowing about our concerts ?….Martha 1st April is your day.”

It seems persistent really pays off, Benda promised that after his concert slated 29th of this month at Serena Hotel, he will be breaking his sex fast with a ‘Munyakole’girl; maybe it will be the comedian! ChimpLyf will keep you posted.

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