Col Samson Mande to Return This Year

Exiled rebel leader of the People’s Redemption Army (PRA) Col Samson Mande, help has announced he is returning back to Uganda in this year 2015.

Col Mande, who first refuted these reports in the media a few weeks ago,  confirmed yesterday that his homecoming would be this year, “after sorting out a few issues.”

He said he would come back to his country, his permanent home, and that it was his right to do so.

Mande is currently exiled in Sweden where he fled to after his rebel group PRA, which was operating from Eastern Congo and linked to Col Kizza Besigye, was defeated in military operations led by then military intelligence chief, Col Noble Mayombo.

The announcement comes weeks after another exiled head of Intelligence, General David Sejusa returned from exile in London after making serious allegations against the army and his commander in Chief President Yoweri Museveni.

Col Mande, however, holds that Sejusa was and remains President Museveni’s friend who was only on a regime mission England: “He left via VIP and came back via VIP, he engaged in subversive and treasonable acts and no charge sheet has been written, he caused problems to several officers, they languish in jail and he is free. He has ever betrayed people like this so such character adds insult to injury. He has not shown remorse or an attitude of change; I don’t think Sejusa is fighting Museveni, unless you don’t know what fighting means!”

On return, Col Mande faces serious charges related to terrorism, embezzlement and treason at the Court Martial, which offences he says he is ready to take on.

He also declared his lack of interest in contesting for leadership, let alone being part of the country’s politics.

“All I want is freedom, good governance, equal rights and opportunities for all,” he said in an interactive session on social media with his followers.

“One of the things I want to come back to Uganda for is to go to court and clear my name. I am not asking for forgiveness, I have a good case; I am now very healthy and will stand trial and win. I will only be requesting the government to allow due course of justice.”

Reminded by one of the commentators about a one Col Muzoora who was “lured and fooled into returning to Uganda, only to be murdered at his home under mysterious circumstances,” Mande said his case was different.

“I helped Col Muzoora to flee from persecution and go into exile. We took different routes he went to RSA and I went to Sweden. Whatever he did; whatever the deals and how he ended in Uganda I was completely not aware. It’s still a puzzle to me. I will not go to Uganda under cover of darkness or in deals behind doors because that can be very risky. I will come openly and go through the challenges,’” revealed Col Mande.

The former NRA bush-war commander said his return was being inspired by FDC’s former president Col Kiiza Besigye who similarly returned from exile and somehow survived the military courts.

“If Besigye survived; why won’t I? He returned in the open and didn’t need to be cleared by anyone in government. That inspires me that I shall also win, after all I have a good case and I have been consulting very good lawyers here and in Uganda. I have fought and won many battles up to now, I feel like that’s another one I should fight and win.”

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