Col Ndahendekire’s Family Closes Community Road; Locals Storm RDC’S Office in Protest

Residents of Kishasha cell in Biharwe, Mbarara Municipality this morning stormed the RDC’s office seeking clarity on how one of their community roads is being closed off as a family property.

The locals in a peaceful demonstration, holding placards, matched to the Municipal Council but were not attended to by any leader. This prompted them to match to the RDC’s office where they camped until the DISO came to speak to them.

By the time of the demonstration, the RDC Capt Martha Asiimwe was not in office, but locals continued to pile at her office in big numbers.

The group was led by the LC III Chairperson Mr. William Kajuura who said if it meant spending the night at the office, they would until their matter is resolved.

The locals are unhappy that the Rwobuyenje-Kinyaza road that has existed for over 50years is being closed by the family of a deceased army officer, the Late Lt. Col. William Ndahendekire who passed away in the 1990s.

They say the road is not private, as it has been severally graded by the sub county using funds from central government.

Locals insist that the deceased Colonel voluntarily gave away part of his land for the construction of the road.

His two daughters Juliana Ndahendekire and Juliet Ndahendekire are now closing the road.


The two say they have opened up another road and blocked the old one to put up a mall.

But the locals led by Chairman William Kajuura say the new road is situated in a swampy and a forest area which could endanger travelers especially those working in a nearby market that have to use in in late hours.

In response, Mbarara DISO Robert Nabimanya dismissed the demonstration as unnecessary, and termed the locals’ concern as minor.

“It is not everything that happens there that you must bring it here,” he said.

Nabimanya however, promised to brief the municipality leadership including the RDC, Mayor, DPC and councilors to find out what exactly is happening in the area.

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