Col Fred Mwesigye: Presidential Age Limit Limits People’s Rights

Col Fred Mwesigye, a senior National Resistance Movement cadre has called for a sober and honest debate on the contentious amendment of the constitution to remove the limitation on the maximum age of a presidential candidate.

The Retired Colonel and Nyabushozi County MP yesterday asked Ugandans to embrace the discussion on the constitutional amendment so that there is consensus when the Bill is brought before Parliament.

But from a personal point of view, Col Mwesigye told reporters in Kampala that he strongly supports removal of the age limit clause from the constitution.

 “The age limit bill has not yet come out but there is no harm in discussing it openly,” he told pressmen at Kati Kati on Tuesday.

“It is good that we talk about it now so that when it comes, the people are mobilized enough to give their opinion.”

The MP, then hastened to make known his personal stance on the matter, noting, “In any case the age limit limits the right of individuals, and in my opinion it should be removed.

He added that the age bracket of 35 – 75 years for presidential candidates doesn’t take a number of factors into consideration.

“We have seen leaders as young as 18 and in some countries there are those aged 92 and they are all doing just fine. The question therefore should be whether or not this person is performing.”

Meanwhile, Col Mwesigye expressed support for the recently tabled amendment bill that seeks to grant government a right to acquire land for its projects whether or not the land owners agree to compensation as determined by the Government Valuer.

He said people should have a right to stall government work, which is intended to benefit the rest of the country.

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