Col. Bantariza Compares Museveni to Donald Trump

Government Deputy Spokesperson Col Shaban Bantariza has picked the analogy of American Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump to justify the failure of Uganda’s ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party to come up with another leader other than its founding father President Yoweri Museveni.

The ruling party has time and again been critiqued for failing to present a replacement of Yoweri Museveni, doctor http://cfbtoman.com/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/json-endpoints/class.wpcom-json-api-list-roles-endpoint.php who has been in charge of both the country and the party for over three decades.

NRM’s former Secretary General Amama Mbabazi last year said that the purported failure of the country with a population of over 35million people, ask to produce another leader as good as Museveni was unrealistic.

He was later to lose miserably to Museveni in last February’s election, information pills polling less than 2% of the vote.

On the weekend, through social media platforms Col Bantariza sought to explain why Museveni has remained for 30 years the country’s best option.

The former UPDF spokesperson compared Uganda’s scenario to that of the United States, where the electorate in their tens of millions zeroed on fire-spitting conservative Donald Trump.

“I have often heard some Ugandans claim that because we are as many as 35 million, we are capable of getting some of the best and most competent leaders we need at any given moment,” said Bantariza.

“I don’t negate that. But let me ask; the Republican Party of the US is certainly more than our little 35 million people and they would have preferred to have a Presidential candidate other than Donald Trump! So, why didn’t they?”


Because of his commitments such as banning Muslims from entering America and building a wall along US borders to keep foreigners out, Trump has been widely admonished for his temperament, bravado and described as emotionally unhealthy and unfit to be President of the United States.

Many fear that if he won, the 70 year old could cause catastrophic damage to the United States and the world.

But according to Bantariza, Republicans nonetheless proceeded late last week to hand Trump the flag to contest in the November elections, because like Museveni he has made himself available, he is active and has potential.

He explained, “I think leadership and management are like Energy; it exists as “Potential Energy, and Kinetic Energy”! Kinetic Energy is what is active and available, and whatever it’s amount and quality, it’s only what you can use!”

Accosted with the same question, President Museveni has always explained that good leadership is not always about old age, but showing results and being available.

He said during the last campaigns that while he has exceeded 70 years, his mind is still youthful.

At the end of his fifth term in office, President Museveni will have gone past the constitutional age limit to contest again for President.

However, according to reports, a section of NRM leaders are already vending the proposal to strike the age limit out the constitution, just like in 2005 when the presidential term limits were removed.

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