Close Your Legs Open Your Books-Barbie Itungo Advises School Girls

The wife to Kyadondo East Member of Parliament Hon. Robert Kyagulanyi better known as Bobi Wine, Barbra Itungo Kyagulanyi has urged young school girls to focus on their studies to better themselves.

Barbie, as she popularly known, added that they should close their legs and open their books until they are ready to engage themselves in sexual activities.

“Girls read your books, love your selves, achieve your dreams, be someone that can support yourself at all times and life will be the best for you” Barbie told the girls.

Barbie Itungo talking to the school girls

She also advised students that when the time is right they should choose their best friends as husbands.

“Bobi was my best friend and still is, we understand each other and respect ourselves”. Barbie remarked.

Barbie advised the girls at St. Lawrence College School, Horizon Campus and made them signed commitment cards where they made a promise to God, parents, their future children and partners that they will not engage in sexual activities until when the time is right.

“Caring Hearts Uganda is sowing seed of confidence amongst our daughters in schools. We would want them to know that they are stronger than they think and they are in position to say NO to anything they feel violates their rights,” Barbie said.

Barbie in a group photo with the girls

She added that high self-esteem and boldness is top on the list of things they teach.


At the end of the talk she gifted the girls with her book.

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