CJ Owiny-Dollo Cautions Judicial Officers against Involving Politics in Court Matters

The Chief Justice of Uganda Alphonse Owiny-Dollo has asked all judicial officers at various levels not to mix politics with their work if they are to ensure proper administration of justice.

Addressing justices of the Supreme Court and lawyers at the Election Petition Management symposium in Kampala, Dollo advised his colleagues to maintain their professional code by not including personal bias and political affiliations in their judgments.

“Courts must never play politics, if I play politics, then it’s my political thinking, leaning and ideology that will be contained in my judgment, which is evidently wrong,” Dollo said.

He thus asked judges to always handle all matters from a legal basis and not politicize the court matters they handle.

Dollo advised that judicial officers can only play a role of activism during the interpretation of the law as he has done for the past years.

“Court’s role is to pronounce itself on matters of the law whereby if the law is bad, make recommendations for necessary action. If Parliament does not act, it’s not the problem of court,” he noted.

He gave an example of the recent constitutional amendment of the presidential age limit stating that the judgment was not based on their personal opinions as many thought but on the law.

He added that the politics on that matter ended in Parliament so when it was brought before the Constitutional Court, they were only applying the law.



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