CJ Katureebe: Shs 13m Toilet was Constructed for my Police Guards

Details of a water-borne toilet constructed at Chief Justice Bart Katureebe’s official residence at the cost of Shs 13m have emerged.

Public Accounts Committee (PAC) chairperson Hon. Nathan Nandala Mafabi recently tasked the judiciary to explain how two flush toilets came to be constructed at a tune of close to 450 million shillings.

Key among these was a lavatory constructed at Katureebe’s home for Shs 13 million by Palwan Engineering Works limited.

A similar facility had been erected at the Entebbe Chief Magistrates court by Platinum Engineering limited a while back at Shs 436m.

According to Auditor General (AG) John Muwanga’s June 2018 report, payments for these two facilities was extended in late March last year and October 25, 2017.

A bewildered Mafabi said whereas the Chief Justice was entitled to such facilities, a flush toilet could at most can cost Shs 5m.

What happened?

An investigation by ChimpReports has showed that Katureebe initially had a small toilet outside his main house in Nakasero, Kampala.


This toilet was used by his house helpers including a shamba boy and maids.

Upon being appointed Chief Justice, Katureebe was given about 15 police guards to escort him and also provide security at his residence.

The side view of the toilet structure

Sometimes, according to an official at the Auditor General’s (AG) office, all the 15 guards including escorts are at Katureebe’s residence during lunch hours.

“So all these police guards needed a toilet to use. They couldn’t continue sharing a toilet with the maids. That’s how the idea of an extension of the toilet came about,” said the official, who recently received a brief from the judiciary.

The photos obtained by this website show the new toilet facility is detached from the main house.

Contacted for comment on Thursday, Justice Katureebe observed: “The extension was constructed to provide a shower, sink and toilet for the security people at the residence.”

He added: “It is not in my house.”

The judiciary says it spent Shs 13m on building materials, drainage, plumbing, labour and taxes.

Regarding the cost of the toilet in Entebbe, an official at the AG’s office said the judiciary made a mistake.

“It was a typing error on the part of judiciary. The cost was Shs 57m as opposed to Shs 400m as presented in the audit documents. The clarification has been made to us,” said the source.

A Parliamentary investigation is underway over judiciary’s questionable expenditures under Permanent Secretary Kagole Kivumbi.

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