“Civilians Have Teargas Canisters,” Says Police as Hunt for Bobi Wine Guard Starts

Police have launched a manhunt for a one Elber Ariho, a close associate of Presidential candidate Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine) to question him on allegations that he launched a teargas canister in a crowd while Bobi Wine was campaigning in Jinja yesterday.

Mr Ariho, who is said to be on Bobi Wine’s private security detail was reportedly filmed hurling a teargas canister which fell and exploded near a saloon car where Bobi Wine was standing trying to argue with police officers who had blocked his way.

Footage of this incident was Wednesday shared widely on social media, but there appeared to be public disagreement on where exactly the canister emerged from.

Speaking to press this afternoon in Kampala, Police spokesman Fred Enanga said Police had taken interest in the matter and were already hunting for Mr Ariho.

Enanga said police intelligence needed to know where Ariho could have obtained it from and whether other members of the public are in possession of such canisters.

“Our intelligence teams are examining the footage that we have and we want Ariho to tell us where he got it from,” Enanga said.

“This means that more civilians are in possession of these teargas canisters.”

Enanga added that the police believed Ariho was the one who threw the canister.


“Remember it came from the back. Hon Kyagulanyi was facing the security detail which was in from of him. The way he tried to throw that canister was also amateurish because he was panicking and he didn’t throw it to where it was supposed to go and it ended up falling on the bonnet of the vehicle behind Kyagulanyi”

Regarding Bobi Wine’s claims today that Police tried to kill him by shooting at his vehicle, Enanga said police has “no reason to kill a person whom we have been protecting for weeks”

“We believe that every Uganda has a right to life and we have no motivation at all to end anybody’s life,” Enanga added.



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