South Sudan

Civil Society Calls for Unrestricted Movement of Humanitarians in S. Sudan

HelpAge International, check a Civil Society Organization in South Sudan has urged government to allow free movement of humanitarians and nationals as they seek their lost relatives, assets and other necessities.

In a statement released Monday July 18th, Rama Hansraj, Country Director for HelpAge International noted that the majority of affected people are said to be women, children and older people although the exact number has not been established yet.

“The situation is dire for those in Juba as markets are still closed and people have no access to food and other items. Humanitarian actors have also raised concern about safety of staff as access and logistics have adversely been affected by restrictions of movements of not only nationals but also humanitarian actors,” Hansraj said.

“Older people often bear the brunt of conflict and are particularly vulnerable in situations of violence and displacement because of their frailty and reduced mobility,”

The fresh clashes that broke out in Juba about a week ago have left more than 36,000 people internally displaced with others trying to cross to the neighbouring Uganda.

“This renewed violence, though currently diverted through a fragile ceasefire, is seriously hampering humanitarian efforts to provide assistance,” the statement further reads.

Hansraj says that HelpAge International and their partners are monitoring the situation on the ground and prepare to mobilise themselves to provide the much required support to older people including those living in Protection of Civilian Camps (POCs).

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