Civil Aviation Bill Awaits Museveni’s Signature

Parliament late last year passed the new Civil Aviation Bill despite rejection by the majority of relevant committee members who scrutinized the proposed law.

The Physical Infrastructure Committee main report signed by the Chairperson Robert Kafeero Sekitoleko and majority members rejected the Bill and recommended for its withdrawal.

The bill’s objectives are to widen the scope and application of the Civil Aviation Act, and establish an independent accident and investigations unit; provide an unhindered access to aerodromes and areas around; and help the country meet the requirements of the standards and recommended practices set by the International Civil Aviation Organization.

Although most of the MPs on the Committee on Physical Infrastructure called for withdrawal of the Bill, Parliament passed the proposed law (Bill) following a Minority Report, which recommended the approval on 12 December 2018.

The passing followed the presentation of minority report, which is within Parliament Rules of Procedures, by 3 MPs led by James Waluswaka.

This minority view was supported by the rest of the legislators in the House who felt that there was a need to have a bill passed.

MPs, however rejected the proposal to separate the regulation and operation functions of the Civil Aviation Authority, which would see the creation of two agencies. They argued that this would go against the government’s plans to merge the entities.

The Civil Aviation Bill is now awaiting the mandated signature of President Yoweri Museveni to become law.




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