Cindy: I Didn’t Intend To Attack Sheebah, I Only Wanted To Ensure Change In The Industry

Singer Cinderella Sanyu has revealed that it was not her intension to attack fellow singer Sheebah Karungi.

Cindy opened up that it was just her opinion to advise her fellow artist so as to make the Music industry better and for that matter, she does not care what people say about her, since everyone has a right to air out their views and opinions.

Often a times, many artists have always looked for drama and beef with others especially when they are about to release new Music albums, so as to attract public attention and by so doing, they will be creating hype for the album.

In regards to that,Cindy said she is never that kind of artist who will get into drama just to create hype for her new song or album,like what most artists do.

“I am not that kind of artist, I know artists do that a lot, but then if you have been watching Cindy, you know I am not that kind of artist, when my Music is coming out, it just comes out and I don’t need hype.

Cindy revealed that her differences with Sheebah did not just come this year, but started way back in November last year.

“You know people always look at it like we are fighting, there is nothing to fight for, I have my carrier going on great and she has hers very great.

For me, when the idea first came up, I thought it was changing the industry, we battles with guns; it’s not that we are pulling each other, but the battle is great for the fans.


That’s how I saw it, until from her side; it was like an insult, like ohhh! You wanna fight, I don’t wanna fight, I just want us to enjoy the industry and I feel like this is the platform and we are the right artists, let’s do it.”

When asked by journalists, whether she can date the Lingala singer on Wednesday evening at Serena Hotel, where she had come for Awilo’s press conference, Cindy said that she loves Awilo’s music ,but cannot date him.

“I love Awilo’s Music soo much, but I cannot date him, due to our age difference, he is an old Man, I am way younger.”

Cindy called upon what she refers to as ‘dummies,’ to go to Awilo’s show and enjoy music in a different way.

“Just come to the show and enjoy the music in a different way, we all have different styles, some of us are better in style and some of us are not, it’s not a problem, ‘ekitegeza’ we don’t interact meaning we don’t advice, it’s okay.

I have my opinion and talking about it is not a crime, so come and a good time and a good show.”

The ‘Ayokya Yokya’ singer said that Uganda connecting with Congo as collaboration is a great opportunity.

The sensational diva is among the few Ugandan artists who will be sharing the stage with Awilo Longomba on Friday 5 at Serena Hotel.other artists who will entertain fans include;Levixone,Eddy Kenzo and Jackie Chandiru among others.




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