Church Closure: Pastor Kiganda Cautions Museveni on ‘Mwanga-Like Legacy’  

Bishop David Livingston Kiganda of the Christianity Focus Ministries has warned that the legacy of the ruling NRM Government under President Yoweri Museveni might significant be shaped by the pain that has recently  been inflicted on the religious community in the country.

Bishop Kiganda on Wednesday afternoon doubled down on his call for Government to reopen places of Worship, warning that continued shutdown on these places could inflict further damage on religious freedoms of Ugandans.

This stress on religion, he said could then end up forming the current regime’s legacy as was the case of Mwanga, the former King of Buganda who is remembered for executing 45 Christian  converts in the late 1880s that later came to be known as the Uganda Martyrs.

Kiganda was speaking in response President Yoweri Museveni’s decision yesterday to keep all places of worship closed, while reopening arcades, the bodaboda businesses, salons and other places as entailed in his Covid19 national address.

“What is it that people remember most about Mwanga? What comes to mind when his name is mentioned?” Kiganda asked in his Lunch Hour service today.

“We wouldn’t want our government to be counted that it was during this regime when great damage was placed on the Kingdom of God. We like this government and we would like it to be remembered for the good things it has done.”

Kiganda noted that a lot of damage had been done so far by the shutdown as more and more churches get evicted for failure to pay rent.

“The damage that has been done on the House of God is getting bigger and bigger every single day. We are still asking for the House of God to be opened because great damage has been done,” he said.


Kiganda over the past weeks has been one of the loudest critics of government’s continued closure of places of worship.

Last month, he launched an attack on scientists that have been spearheading the fight against Covid19 in the country, saying that these had vested interest in keeping Churches closed “because faith in God is a threat to the science agenda.”

Yesterday during his address to the nation, President Museveni sounded off on groups of people that have been attacking scientists.

“I am beginning to hear people attacking scientists,” Museveni said.

“If you attack our scientists, I’d tell you to go to hell because you are an enemy of our country. We have fought many wars and will also fight with you”

But in a veiled response today, Bishop Kiganda said leaders must refrain from making messengers of God their enemies.

“Don’t hate those that God has sent to rebuke you. When the word of God comes to rebuke you, please accept the rebuke.” he said.


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