Church Calls for Purity Ahead of Pope’s Visit

Red Pepper Director Mr Arinaitwe Rugyendo has been recognised by the Montana New Leaders Forum in Switzerland as the “new leader of the future 2013.”

Rugyendo was handed the award in the European country last Friday following a three-year nomination and vetting process that started in 2013.

“I am very humbled by this recognition. It’s both a challenge and an opportunity, sales purchase ” said Rugyendo after accepting the award.

“It’s a challenge because the stakes to live by the ideals of the forum of sharing, empathy, working for peace and tranquillity in the world as well as striving for a human world are some of the things that are very difficult to easily achieve,” he emphasised.

Founded in 1986 in Switzerland, the Crans Montana Forum is a non-governmental organization focused on encouraging international cooperation, dialogue, development, stability, peace, and security in the world.

The Forum brings together illustrious figures from 36 African, 30 Asian, 31 European and 15 American countries, as well as more than 20 regional and international organizations.

Rugyendo addressing the gathering
Rugyendo addressing the gathering

Rugyendo said the award is an opportunity to network with the “exclusive international association of eminent leaders in politics and business whose connections will be invaluable for the transformation of Uganda and Africa.”

The journalist said he would use his skills to lobby the powerful international figures to “come here and invest so we create jobs and transform this region.”


Some of the eminent personalities who graced the function include Ferdinand Alexandre N’Guendet, President of the Transitional Council for Central Africa Republic.

He received a gold medal for his efforts in stabilizing the country.

Crans Montana Forum founder, Mr. Pierre-Emmanuel Quirin; Abdelaziz Altwaijri – Director General ISESCO and UN Undersecretary General United Nations Mr. Philippe Douste-Blazy were also in attendance.
By Tim Ogwal

Luddites were textile artisans who ferociously fought the industrial revolution by burning down factories and machinery between 1811 and 1812.

Their aim was to preserve their jobs but of course they failed. Luddism refers to the philosophy of opposing technological progress.

Musician Maurice Kirya over the weekend wrote on social media that his decision to boycott the “Tubonge Nawe” dinner was because government hasn’t enforced the copyright law.

Unless he has other political goals he is intending to score, sale his thinking is very flawed.

Napster vs Metallica and Dr.dre

Napster was the first company to introduce Peer to Peer music sharing which made it possible to share music on the internet for free.

In 2000 Napster was sued by the heavy metal band Metallica and Hip Hop producer Dr Dre for copy rights infringement.

Dr Dre provided to court millions of names and details of young computer users who had downloaded music for free.

In this single act, Dr Dre had transformed his fans into criminals.

The case was abandoned and Napster continued offering free music to users. That marked the start of the gradual death of revenue from record sales.

You can’t win against technology

Mr Kirya can boycott dinners with Obama, Putin, the Pope but it’s impossible to stop the sharing of free music content in this era of Youtube, whatspp, Facebook.

Even if Museveni deployed UPDF tanks and Sukhoi Jets, Crime preventers, Kakooza Mutale, Lukwago’s Solido, No one can stop Music Piracy.

Mr Kirya is a big boy and he should stop whining and find ways to make money using his fame through other ways like he’s already doing with his coffee shop.

Why are artists richer today?

Free sharing of music and videos has enabled artistes to reach much more fans than before for example, Anne Kansiime has a worldwide following earning her lucrative endorsement contracts from mega companies like COKE.

Musicians like Jaguar of Kenya are multibillionaires because technology has given them a wider reach.

Kirya is mistaken to think that he can still make money from record sales (CDs), the new sources of money are live events and endorsements.

Some other musicians have diversified by going into fashion like P Diddy with his Ciroc drink, Jennifer Lopez with perfume.

Anyway whatever concerns Kirya had, why didn’t he engage with his fellow artistes and come up with a resolution to present to the President?

Did Kirya try to bring up his concerns to his colleagues when they invited him or he waited to use his Facebook account to seek cheap popularity?
With now less than 50 days to the arrival to His Holiness Pope Francis in Uganda, viagra Christians around the country have been urged to actively prepare for the grand historical event.

The Kampala Archbishop Cyprian Kizito Lwanga, who is also the Uganda Episcopal Conference spokesperson today asked believers to prepare themselves, both spiritually and physically for the Pope’s visit.

Pope Francis is expected in the country on the evening of November 27, after visiting neighboring Kenya. From Uganda, he will be heading to the war-torn Central African Republic before returning to Italy.

The Vatican on Saturday released the full program of the Pontiff’s stay in Uganda, which will include meetings with Bishops, teachers, local and foreign diplomats as well as a Kampala orphanage.

This will be the 3rd time a Supreme Pontiff will be coming to Uganda, which makes it the first African country to get such an opportunity.

Speaking this morning at a press conference in Kampala, Bishop Kizito Lwanga said that the Pope’s visit requires Christians to prepare for it in a special way so as to worthily receive his blessings.

The catholic believers thus, were asked to embark on reciting “Our Father,” “Hail Mary,” and “Glory be to the Father,” at the end of every mass and in every family.

They were also asked to do acts of charity toward the poor and to practice works of penance so as to receive the Papal blessings.

“Avoid and fight vices such as polygamy, cohabitation witchcraft, adultery, domestic violence, drug abuse, hatred, nepotism, jealousy and intolerance,” said the Bishop.

“Seek reconciliation, love one another…care for the environment in line with the aspirations of the pope, contained in his encyclical on care for our common home.”

Meanwhile, Bishop Lwanga expressed optimism that the ongoing works on both shrines at Namugongo will be complete by the time of the pope’s visit.

He praised Government of Uganda for accepting to meet the reconstruction costs and President Museveni for sponsoring the costs of the vestments to be used during the function.

At the press conference, the Apostolic Nuncio to Uganda Michael Blume called upon all Ugandans to continue praying for this historical event on a daily basis and also to add more prayers to people in the Central African Republic, where citizens are under test from the hard living conditions they are experiencing.

Fr John Baptist Kauta the secretary general for the Uganda Episcopal conference advised businessmen intending to deal in Pope souvenirs to first seek permission because no permission shall be granted to any goods manufactured before inspection and verification from the catholic secretariat.

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