Christmas Wrap: Corruption, Elections Headline Christmas Messages.

Ugandans of various faiths are in festivities celebrating Christmas and the new year that is only 3 days away.

Unlike in the past where religious leaders preached the meaning of Christmas as the birth of Jesus Christ, this time round the focus was largely on the current situation in the country.

Various preachers during their Christian sermons decried corruption which has hindered service delivery in the country and condemned the harassment of opposition politicians by security agencies ahead of 2021 general elections.

The outgoing Archbishop of Church of Uganda Rev Stanley Ntagali while leading the service at All Saint’s Cathedral Nakasero in Kampala called on Ugandans to fight for peace, harmony and a corrupt free Uganda.

“Many people have become self-cantered. They are greedy, they want to satisfy themselves and therefore become corrupt,” said Ntagali.

The Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga also condemned corruption and vowed to continue speaking against it.

“I have been talking about it but you know there are many actors involved. I may shout about it but the people to implement are somewhere else. But for me I will continue speaking about corruption. I will not stop,” said Kadaga.

Dr. Joseph Sserwada, the lead pastor of Victory Church in Ndeeba, Kampala who doubles as presiding Apostle of Born Again Faith Uganda called on political parties to tolerate each other as 2021 election draws closer.


“We should be able to live in peace for each other regardless of our religions, regardless of our political affiliations and ambitions. Nobody should die or be harassed because they belong to a particular party,” he said.

On matters corruption, Sserwada pinned the revenue collection body, the Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) as one of the most corrupt institutions.

“I have experienced it. I imported radio equipment and gave them the right invoices. I gave them contacts of those that had sold me that equipment and the man was adamant. He insisted that I pay my taxes over the rate he had decided,” said Sserwada.

The Archbishop of Kampala Dr Cyprian Kizito Lwanga also condemned harassment of opposition politicians by security agencies.

He said that opposition politicians are teargassed yet they have freedom of speech and expression.

“The harassed people are tax payers. Many Ugandans are troubled and scared over the torture acts done on opposition politicians.”

He added that the acts may not make the forthcoming elections free and fair.

Buganda kingdom Prime Minister (Katikiro) Charles Peter Mayiga condemned recruitment of Local Defense Unit (LDU) saying that Police should have been empowered instead.

“The problem we have, when Police fails, then you bring in LDU and in a short while LDU is killing people. Why is it not Police that is empowered and well trained? Because it looks like LDU is just seasonal,” said Mayiga.

He added that the right cure for Uganda’s problems is to allow Government Agencies act independently.

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