Christians Rush to Court for Permission to Sue Pastor Bugingo

Two Christians have rushed to the Kampala High Court seeking permission to file a representative suit on behalf of other believers, sickness against a prominent Pentecostal Pastor Aloysious Bujjigo.

These accuse the pastor of violating their freedom of worship when he gathered and burned dozens of bibles whose versions he opposed.

He claimed before destroying the books that they seemed to omit a number of verses while others had satanic references in them.

The Christians are; Veteran Actor Aloysius Matovu Kizza and Francisco Evangelist Ssemugooma.

These state that many Christians have a common interest in court stopping Pastor Bujingo’s acts that hurt their faith, approved but they are barred to attend court proceedings by a number of factors

On these grounds, the duo wants court to allow them file a suit against Bugingo on behalf of the rest of the Christians.

Among others, Matovu and Ssemugoma accuse pastor Bujingo of collecting, burning, destroying and ordering the collecting and burning of different versions of the Holly Bible written in different languages.

They contend that the said actions of pastor Bujingo didn’t only tantamount to an attack on Christians but also insulted all people who believe in the Gospel message laid down in the Holy Bible.


This application will be presided over by Justice Patricia Wasswa Basaza.


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