Chris Mubiru Sentenced to 10 Years in Jail; Victim Gets Shs 50M Compensation

The African Development Bank Group (AfDB) on Thursday unveiled a landmark initiative to solve Africa’s huge energy deficit by 2025, sildenafil at a High Level Stakeholder Consultative Meeting attended by business and political leaders at its headquarters in Abidjan.

The “New Deal for Energy in Africa, seek ” which charts the way for a transformative partnership on energy focuses on mobilizing support and funding for the initiative from five key areas.

The Bank has revealed that it will start by significantly expanding its support towards energy in Africa.

According to the bank, page development partners would also be obliged to scale up on-going efforts while countries must also expand their share of financing going into the energy sector and at the same time demonstrate stronger political will to ensure success of the Deal.

Development partners would also be required to work together and coordinate their efforts to drive critical policy and regulatory reforms of the energy sector to improve incentives for accelerated investments.

“A lot of financing will be needed. Together, we must close the $55 billion financing gap for energy in sub-Saharan Africa. And we must raise our level of commitment to meet the $22 billion needed to support universal access to energy in the region,” AfDB President Akinwumi Adesina underscored in a speech unveiling the Deal.

Adesina also illustrated how domestic resource mobilization would play a crucial role by leveraging on just 10% of the continent’s tax revenues estimated at US$ 500 billion per year.

He said ending the over $60 billion annual illicit financial flows out of Africa can help and developed countries meeting the 0.7% commitment for Gross National Income for development assistance can generate more than $178 billion to help scale up energy development in Africa.


“The New Energy Deal for Africa will push for the establishment of a Bottom-of the Pyramid Energy Financing Facility for Africa. This should support some 700 million people to afford clean cooking energy stoves. The cost is well within our reach to provide, for it will take only $4.2 billion to solve the problem. We can and must solve their problem,” the AfDB President said.

He called for the development of major regional energy projects such as the Inga dam in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Also speaking at the gathering, Nigerian Banker and Co-chair of the African Energy Leaders Group, Tony Elumelu, said that the private sector can play a crucial role in the development of Africa’s energy sector, if provided with the required enabling environment.

He said that given the situation in which some 600 million people lack energy in Africa, it would be necessary for Africa to explore all good sources of energy to meet the huge deficit, adding that the AfDB was in the best position to bring businesses, governments and international organisations together to make the deal a success.

The former United Nations Secretary General, Kofi Annan, in a video message commended the initiative, noting that Africa’s leaders had no choice but to urgently bridge the energy gap.
Buganda Road chief magistrate Lilian Nabakooza has sentenced Force SC Villa manager Christopher Mubiru Kisingiro to ten years in prison and also ordered him to pay Shs 50 million to his victim Emmanuel Nyanzi, check whom he allegedly abused sexually in 2009.

In a well attended session, the victim Nyanzi, who appeared covering his head with a black hood had requested for Shs 100 million in compensation and a maximum sentence to the culprit, so that he doesn’t get another opportunity to molest other children.

“Mubiru sodomized me when I was seventeen years and now am 23 years, but ever since that act I have suffered both mentally and bodily,” he said,

“I now cannot lift heavy things; I have too much pain all over my body, I have lost a number of jobs due to my body weakness and pain. I request court to imprison him for life,” asked Nyanzi.

Pastor Solomon Male was pleased with the sentence
Pastor Solomon Male was pleased with the sentence

Last week, the Buganda Road Chief magistrate convicted Mubiru of having carnal knowledge with Nyanzi, noting that prosecution had proved its case beyond reasonable doubt.

State Prosecution presented to court a number of materials found with Mubiru which included dermatological cream which is used by gays to ease anal penetration, as well as pain killers used to reduce the pain associated with anal sexual intercourse.

In her sentencing, the magistrate said she considered both the submissions by both defense and state prosecution.

She noted although defense submitted that the convict is a first offender and a sole bread winner for his family, children in Uganda and all over the world needed to be protected.

Some of the anti gay crusaders who have been pushing hard for this penalty expressed relief and gratitude to the criminal justice system.

“Footballers should give me a medal for saving the sports fraternity. I have saved them from a person who was causing bad luck to both national football team and Villa Fc,” said Pastor Solomon Male after the ruling. “Or maybe I should be handed the footballer of the year 2015 award”


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