Chris Evans Gives Rema 5-Day Ultimatum to Apologize Publicly



Following an incident where local musician Chris Evans Kaweesi was embarrassed on stage last Friday by Rema Namakula, a fellow artist, he has issued a five day ultimatum for Rema to apologize to him over her misconduct.

In an interview with a local media house, Evans accuses fellow singer Rema for engaging in jokes which she couldn’t sustain without hurting the personas of the people involved; him in this particular case.

Rema and Evans a moment before ‘things fell apart’.

“She welcomed me on stage in a joking manner by asking whether I fainted after being hit with a hammer 15 times. She also informed people that I didn’t have a valentine, which to me was sort of encroaching on my privacy.”

He says that even with such a welcome, he didn’t get annoyed because he thought his colleague had decided to use jokes to keep the crowd lively, an idea he embraced and cracked one too.

During the show held at Hotel Africana Kampala, Rema invited Chris Evans to stage to perform their ‘Linda’ collabo as she joked about him being single. In turn, Chris Evans changed the lyrics of the song, mentioning Kenzo, a jab that Rema couldn’t take.

Rema dragging Evans off stage.

She instead dragged him to the side and refused to join in on the rest of Evans’ performance.

“I have been embarrassed before, but not on stage like it was at that show. This request is not a forceful one but I ask Rema to come out in less than 5 days and apologize to me publically, not only as a friend or fellow musician but also as a person who has done a lot in promoting her musical career,” said Chris.


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