Chimpanzee Environmentalist Jane Goodall Excites, Interacts with Pupil Admirers

The celebrated chimpanzee researcher and conservationist, Dr. Jane Goodall on Thursday met and interacted with pupil admirers from 11 Kampala Community International Primary schools.

The pupils from schools including Rainbow International, Tera Nova Academy, The French School and North Green School among others started their day by watching a movie showing summarized decades of the conservationist’s work in Uganda.

After the movie, Dr. Jane, who is in the country for 4 days from May 6th to 9th 2018, was ushered in to physically tell her brief story to the attentively listening pupils.

Dr. Jane Goodall talking to attentively listening pupils

The primatologists told pupils how she left her homeland England, just at the age of 26 in July 1960 and travelled thousands of kilometers to Tanzania to venture into then little known world of wild chimpanzees.

The 84 year old founder of Jane Goodall Institute, a non-profit organization primarily interested and working on conservation of the endangered chimpanzee, emphasized to pupils the importance of planting trees and conserving the forests as the habitat for the wild.

Dr. Goodall is celebrated for her ground-breaking research and publications on wild chimpanzees in Gombe, Tanzania, and as the first to introduce the observations that chimpanzees have distinct personalities and behaviors, like those of humans, into the scientific world.

Her continued research of about 60 years is the longest wild primate study in the world. As a result of her efforts, the world launched the first ever World Chimpanzee Day to be held on July 14 in commemoration of the day she first set foot in Gombe to study Chimpanzees.



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