Child Birth: What You Should Never Forget to Pack for Hospital

For first time mothers, one of the most disturbing things is what to include in your bag as you head to hospital for delivery.

If you have no idea whatsoever about what to take, don’t just walk into a hospital with sandals and a towel. Ask elders around you for help.

Having everything ready when you’re 8 months is the best thing.  Around this period, your due time can be any minute.

In case you don’t have any elders, worry not mama. Let ChimpLyf take on that role of the grandma you never saw.

Mama Kit

A Mama Kit is an all-in-one package that contains everything needed for clean and safe delivery.

Each mama kit contains plastic sheets, razor blades, cotton wool (gauze pad), soap, gloves, cord ties, and a child health card.  E

Each kit also includes an instruction sheet in both English and Luganda.  All of the supplies are sealed so that they remain sterile until needed.


No matter the kind of hospital you’d want to deliver from, always make sure you carry one of your own…just to avoid confusion.

Baby Receivers and shawl

Baby receivers are the first sheets the baby is wrapped in immediately he or she is produced. This helps to provide warmth and clean away the unwanted water and blood. Always ensure that the receiver isn’t yellow in color because it doesn’t help doctors identify any skin disease on the baby.

The baby shawl is where baby is wrapped for warmth after being cleaned up.

Baby clothes

These include two to three pairs to help change. You might need to carry outfits in three sizes, for the baby to fit in since you do not know the size of your baby.

Carry more than one baby going-home outfit.

You might also need to add baby supplies like pampers, oil, powder, baby nail file

Pads and extra underwear

For underwear, you may consider disposable or reusable depending on how fat and happy your wallet is.

After birth, blood flow might be heavier than monthly periods which means you will need maternity pads.

Don’t forget breast pads and extra bras especially one to wear when leaving hospital.

Pair of beddings; towel, Night gown, sandals and a scarf (Kalesu) are also essential when packing.

These however, are not the only things you should carry. Depending on your priorities, you may not want to forget your charger or power bank too.


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