Chief Justice Warns Ugandans Against Ignoring Covid 19 Guidelines

TChief Justice Alifonse Owiny Dollo has asked Ugandans to stop politicizing and ignoring covid19 preventive guidelines which were put in place by the Government through the Ministry of Health.

While launching the East African journal on peace and Human Rights by the Human Rights Peace Center (HURIPEC) at Makerere University school of law, Dollo pointed out that many people have started being relaxed about the Covid pandemic forgetting that it’s still with us.

“We the human beings are at war with the covid19 pandemic which has united all of us, the super power and third world countries, the rich and the poor because it doesn’t segregate.”

He noted that the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) which may appear oppressive to many are there to protect lives of citizens

“The only weapon we have as Ugandans at the moment is prevention because once infections rise we don’t have the health facilities to handle.”

The CJ was discussing a report where various participants blamed Government for using Covid which is a health matter as a political tool to fulfil its agenda.

Professor Frederick Jjuuko, the Principal at Makerere University school of law said the Executive had covered the space for all the other three arms of government by taking over most of their roles.

“The fight against Covid was done in a militaristic manner from top to bottom whereby the president issued out unquestionable directives which were implemented by Police and the army without seeking clarification.”


Even the RDCs who are the head of security in a district, he said, took over the roles of District chairpersons to the extent of taking away their official vehicles during the lock down.

Professor Jean John Barya said many states in Africa has decided to use Covid as an oppressive tool to suppress people’s freedom of expression and right to assemble.

“Government couldn’t have allowed these forthcoming elections through declaring a state of Emergency through Parliament since the ruling party has the majority number of legislators. With the current restrictions there will be no freedom of expression and assembly.”

Prof Umar Kakumba the Deputy Vice Chancellor in charge of Academic affairs at MUK applauded the Chief justice for cementing the relationship between the University school of law and the Judiciary.

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