Chief Justice to Bamugemereire – Don’t Burn Your Own Forest

Chief Justice Bart Katureebe Magunda has said while there is currently no bad blood between judiciary and the Land Commission of Inquiry chaired by Justice Catherine Bamugemereire, the latter needs to straighten up a few things in its operations.

Speaking at the opening of the annual magistrates’ conference, the chief justice said as a student of land law, he appreciates the commission’s role, but advised that in some areas it has a lot to work upon in its operations like condemning judicial officers without giving them a chance of fair hearing

“The statement from the land commission was read to the president in presence of Deputy Chief justice, Principal Judge that the chief justice was obstructing the work of the commission,” he said.

Katureebe added that it was wrong for the commission to destroy judicial officers’ carriers by referring to them as corrupt without first hearing their side or passing through proper procedures of listening to all parties.

“It’s sad that the commission is comprised of judicial officers who think that it helps them to burn the same forest in which they reside”

Katureebe revealed at the event that he received a dossier from the land commission with names of judicial officers alleged to have engaged in destructing the commission’s operations.

He said he had set up a team to investigate and come up with a full report for an appropriate action to be taken

The magistrates were called upon to desist from corruption which is one of the elements that can injure the reputation and trust of the judiciary among Ugandans


“The only we to defend ourselves is to clean ourselves because a mistake of an individual with in an institution is taken to be the practice of all of us” Katureebe



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