Chief Justice Recommends Holistic Reforms in Judicial System

The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Bart Katureebe has decried the conditions in which the judiciary operates in Uganda citing among others under funding and low pay for judicial officers.
He was speaking on Thursday morning during the launch the state of the Judiciary in Uganda report 2016 at Sheraton Hotel Kampala.

“How can we have a Supreme Court in rented premises? Some of our courts share premises with bars. Our judges retire and rush to open up private law firms. This should not be the case. Judges need to retire honorably, erectile ” the Chief Justice said.

According to the report findings, visit web the judiciary is the least funded of the 3 arms of government. It gets only 1% of the total national budget.

“Why is there no Judicial Service Commission today? Currently there are over 700 complaints before the Judicial Service Commission. You cannot strengthen the judiciary unless you look at what is affecting it holistically. Action is required, not lip service.”

On a positive note, Katureebe highlighted some of the reforms being undertaken to improve service delivery within the justice system. Among them is mediation, plea bargaining and the small claims procedure. These along with a recent additional funding he said will reduce the big case backlog.

The report indicates that absenteeism, corruption and unnecessary case adjournments remain a huge problem in Uganda. Furthermore, there is inequality in disposal of cases with some cases expeditiously handled while other drag on for many years.

A recently concluded Court census shows more than 114,512 cases are pending determination before court across the country

Judicial score card is recommended to ease the monitoring of case disposal and actual performance of judicial officers.

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