Chief Justice Impersonator Jailed for 3Years

Buganda Road Chief Magistrate James Eremye has convicted Saleh Luzinda, cialis 40mg a man accused of conning the Shumuk Group of Company’s CEO Shukla Mukesh, visit this site while pretending that he was sent by Chief Justice Bart Katureebe.

Saleh, who is accused alongside two others, was convicted on his own guilty plea when he openly confessed that he committed the charges against him.

The presiding magistrate sentenced Luzinda to a fine of 1million shillings to each of the 19 counts making a total of 19million shillings, or 3 years in jail.

Prosecution contends that Saleh Luzinda, Bob Nabaasa, Martin Matovu and others still at large in 2015 in Kampala obtained $125,000 from Shukla Mukesh, the chief executive officer of Shumuk Group of Companies, by pretending that they had been sent by the Chief Justice Katureebe.

The prosecution further alleges that the three submitted a false document dated April 16, 2015, as an instrument of handover of the contested Hotel Diplomat to Mukesh, purporting that the said letter had been authored by Justice Bart Katureebe.

Further hearing of this matter against the two co-accused persons who denied this charge has been adjourned up to tomorrow Friday.

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