Chief Justice Asks Public to File Only Relevant Cases

Chief justice Bart Katureebe has asked Ugandans to file in court only relevant public interest cases if they want to see reduced expenses in filing such cases.

Katureebe was responding to lawyer Male Mabirizi’s request to him as the head of rules committee in the Judiciary, to have the filing fees for public interest cases reduced to enable the less privileged also to file cases.

“We hope to consider such matters in the ongoing review at all levels, but I would like to advise you also to file matters which are relevant in order to reduce on costs” the Chief Justice advised.

In his request to the head of judiciary, Mabirizi reported that filing a case at Constitutional Court, one needs Shs 200,000 and double the amount at the Supreme Court.

On top of this, Mabirizi added that they are charged Shs 500 to certify each page, making it very expensive for a person with thousands of pages of court documents.

Mabirizi recently capture media attention by filing voluminous documents in court both during his Supreme Court appeal in the age limit case and in the Appeal against Buganda Land board.

The lawyers says people who file such cases are not looking to make profit and therefore shouldn’t be subjected to compensating government in case they lose.

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