Checheza App To Boost Primary Literacy Rates

By Dedan Kimathi

Checheza a Swedish-based Information Technology company in joint collaboration with the Ministry of ICT and National Guidance has launched an online learning application geared at boosting literacy amongst elementary school pupils.

Katarina Stensson the CEO  and founding president of Checheza says  majority of primary pupils globally still find difficulty in navigating past  subjects such as Mathematics and English due to lack of user friendly digital learning aids.

As such, Katarina notes that the application will greatly stimulate interest in basic numeracy and cognitive thinking among other aspects.

” Checheza is about how we make our children’s’ minds work better. This app shall not only test their memory but also their logic as well”, she explains.

Besides that, Katarina says her organisation intends to invest in setting up digital learning centres across the country. As of now, one e-learning centre is fully operational thanks to Integrating Livelihoods through Communication Information Technology for Africa (ILICIT Africa) a locally based Non Governmental Organisation (NGO).

According to Daniel Khauka Nanghaka the executive director ILICIT, enrolment at the pilot centre has drastically risen from a paltry fifty pupils to over one hundred and fifty today.

Basic numeracy and literacy remain a key challenge locally. According to 2018 World Bank report titled ” learning to realise education’s promise”, over 60% of grade two students cannot read a single word of a short text whereas only 10% are able to perform two-digit subtractions.


Separately, a 2015 report by local NGO Uwezo titled “Are our children learning? Five stories on the state of education in Uganda in 2015 and Beyond” indicates that only 13% of pupils in Primary three can proficiently read a level two story and solve a mathematical equation.





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