Charges Slapped on Gen Tumukunde Attract Death Sentence

Retired Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde remains in the hands of the Criminal Investigations and Intelligence Department (CIID), three days after he was arrested from his private office in Kololo, Kampala.

Tumukunde was on Friday escorted from Police’s Special Investigations Unit (SIU) in Kireka to his property in Kololo for a check.

Officials say this is normal practice during investigations as detectives search for “any additional evidence of material value.”

Police spokesperson Fred Enanga said Tumukunde’s arrest follows his “utterances in a series of radio and television interviews, which seek to foster hatred that might lead to inter-community violence, fomenting and glorifying violence in general.”

“He in addition, calls on the support of a neighboring country to support him in removing the current leadership with or without the ballot.”

Tumukunde, who is now a civilian after retiring from the armed forces, was charged under Sections 23 (2) b and 23 (3) b, of the Penal code Act, which deals with instigating persons to invade the Republic of Uganda and inciting any persons to make a mutinous assembly.

The charges are very severe considering that upon conviction, they attract a death penalty.

The section provides that “any person who forms an intention to effect any of the following purpose: to instigate any person to invade the Republic of Uganda with an armed force, and manifests any such intention by an overt act or by any utterance or by publishing any printing or writing, commits an offence and shall suffer death”.


Tumukunde, a machine gunner in the NRA war that brought President Museveni to power, said on a television that if he were in Rwanda’s position, he would support efforts aimed at removing president Museveni from power.

“If I was Rwanda I would wish to support people who want to cause change in Uganda,” said Tumukunde.

The comments came after Tumukunde was cleared by the Electoral Commission to hold consultations for his presidential bid.

Rwanda’s relations with Uganda are at their lowest, with the prospect of an armed conflict still high.

Tumukunde’s comments appeared to endorse the interference of Rwanda in Uganda’s domestic affairs, rattling the ruling government.

Tumukunde’s remarks came after he wrote to electoral authorities announcing his plan to run for president.

Interestingly, Tumukunde was considered an enemy of Rwanda during his short-lived reign as Security Minister.

He reportedly authorised mass arrests of Rwandans suspected of being involved in criminal activities in Uganda.

In an interview after being removed as Security Minister, Tumukunde revealed: “The Rwandans have their country; we have ours. My job was to defend Uganda. Let me say this without mincing words: anyone operating in this country must respect our institutions, our leadership and our country.”

The sudden change of mind expressed during recent media interviews have left many scratching their heads.

Tumukunde was among President Kagame’s best friends during and shortly after the NRA war.

Kagame was among the top organisers of Tumukunde’s wedding.

After taking power in Rwanda, Kagame would be chauffeured by Tumukunde around Kampala.

Officials told ChimpReports on Saturday morning that Tumukunde will face court next week.

“The evidence is being compiled. Once the prosecutors give a green light, Tumukunde will most likely be arraigned in court this coming week,” said an official briefed about the Tumukunde saga.

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