CHARGE SHEET: BoU’s Kakeeto, Wanyama Charged with Corruption, Abuse of Office

The Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) Mike Chibita has charged two Bank of Uganda officials with abuse of office and corruption, Chimp Corps report.

Francis Kakeeto and Fred Vito Wanyama were sent to Paris, France in late April, 2019, to verify and witness the transportation of Shs 350bn in Shs 5,000 denominations printed from Oberthur Fiduciaire.

The duo was delivered to the Anti-corruption court in Kololo, Kampala on Friday morning.

According to the charge sheet exclusively seen by ChimpReports, Kakeeto, 36, a resident of Nabuti in Mukono District and Wanyama, 42, a resident of Seeta, Mukono on April 26, 2019 between France, Belgium and Entebbe International Airport being employed in Bank of Uganda as branch manager and Assistant branch manager respectively while on assignment by their employer to carry out a pre-shipment inspection of printed materials in France in abuse of the authority of their offices, did an arbitrary act, prejudicial to the interest of their employer to wit, allowed the inclusion of unauthorized cargo on a cargo plane fully chartered by Bank of Uganda.”

That is the first count on the charge of “abuse of office” contrary to section 11 (1) of the Anti-corruption Act, 2009.

The chartered plane contained other cargo which belonged to various individuals / companies / organizations which paid taxes for their goods.

Particulars of alleged abuse of office

These organisations include United Nations, USAID and businessmen such as MTN Uganda Chairman, Charles Mbiire. Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) said these individuals and entities paid taxes for their goods.

Kakeeto and Wanyama were also charged with corruption.


The state alleges the duo while on an assignment by their employer to carry out a pre-shipment inspection of printed material in France “corruptly neglected to perform the said duty when they failed to refute and or report the inclusion of unauthorized cargo on a plane fully chartered by Bank of Uganda.”

What happened?

ChimpReports understands that Kakeeto and Wanyama said in their report that they found one extra pallet on the plane as it departed from Belgium to Uganda.

But their colleagues who received money at Entebbe said they found four extra pallets on the aircraft.

When asked to explain the contradiction, Kakeeto and Wanyama said they didn’t see the extra pallets which were in the plane’s belly.

Those who picked money from the airport said they saw the extra pallets as they were being offloaded from the plane’s belly.

Particulars of alleged corruption

Kakeeto and Wanyama will be paraded before court later today. They are currently being kept in the court’s holding room.

At Court, a police official told ChimpReports: “Their file is being processed.’

The two bank officials, who were arrested and detained on Wednesday after reporting at CID Kibuli in response to the police bond granted to them last week, looked haggard and frightened.

Two more BoU officials are said to be detained by police to help police in its investigations.

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