Chaos as Councillor, RDC exchange blows in district meeting

The Jinja District Council meeting on Tuesday descended into chaos after a Councillor and the Resident District Commissioner exchanged punches after the latter called the Councillors thieves.

Trouble started when Resident District Commissioner, Mr Erick Sakwa, took to the floor, accusing the Councillors of sabotaging government by grabbing government land, extorting money from investors, misappropriating funds allocated to roads and the Youth Livelihood Programme.

However, before he could leave the floor, Jinja Central Division Councillor Meddy Mbentyo shot up and charged towards Sakwa, accusing him of victimizing and generalizing all the Councillors.

“How do you generalize us all as thieves? I can’t accept him to belittle us. We have families, names, integrity. I cannot allow him to come here and blackmail us,”

“I want him to mention the names of Councilors who are thieves, we were elected and this tarnishes our names,’’ Mbentyo said before throwing punches at the RDC, who also returned them.

Police intervened before restoring order.

After the scuffle, Sakwa told journalists that it was not proper for Mbentyo to serve on the Environment Committee, accusing him of being a bad character.

He added that Mbentyo’s reaction manifests guilt because he is the one who was most offended in his statement.


Mr Richard Mbazira, the Walukuba-Masese Division Councillor, said “Mr Sakwa should stop the arrogance of calling politicians thieves when he is not also clean either.”

Following the chaos, the District Speaker, Mr Michael Nyende Musana, adjourned the meeting until further notice.

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