Chameleone’s Concert to Go Past Midnight As Balaam Warns Singers On Live Performances

With four days left to Jose Chameleone’s much anticipated Saba Saba concert scheduled  to take place this Friday, 7 December, his fans have been promised to expect a lot of unusual  happenings at this event.

Addressing media today afternoon at the MTN Towers in Kampala, Balaam Barugahare, the organizer of show revealed that unlike other shows,  this one will go beyond midnight.

“We hope to get a special permission from the head of state to allow us hold this show at least up to 3am because most Ugandans leave their work a bit late as they come to attend events” Balaam stated.

Balaam added that even if they position over 100 Police Patrols at the venue, with the clearance from above, the show will go past midnight.

He pointed out that in Uganda it’s only Afrigo Band, Jose Chameleone and Maddox Ssematimba who can do a live band performance but the rest can only manage Casino.

He went on to request local artistes that live performances be left to the superstars.

Jose Chameleone called upon his fans to come and witness him as he will perform all his songs, which are more than 300, in one night.

“We have got quality equipment in place for this show therefore am going to use this opportunity of the Saba Saba concert to show the world that Uganda has got talent” Jose Chameleone said.


Mr. Jimmy Ssempuuma- Regional Marketing Coordinator Central MTN Uganda has revealed that they have decided to sponsor this show because Chameleone has been so loyal them and he is among the local artists that MTN has sponsored on various occasions.

Mr. James Propa, the country  representative for Tidal, a musical platform containing more than 75 million songs and 90% of Ugandan songs has revealed  that they are happy  for Chameleone for maintaining quality music and revealed that he was among the first Ugandan artists to have his songs on their platform.

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