Chameleone Unveils New Manager

Singer Joseph Mayanja famously known as Dr Jose Chameleone, has Tuesday 4 February unveiled Fortunate Bijoux as his new music manager.

Bijoux will now replace Mutima, who has been managing Chameleone. She will be responsible for the singer’s music operations and bookings among others.

The terms and conditions of the contract are still a top secret between the two as Bijoux declined to reveal how long her contract will run.

Speaking at the unveiling event held at Sky lounge, Chameleone heaped praises on Bijoux for her hard work and expertise in managing events.

“I have been working with Bijoux for years now and for sure she is very good at the work she does. Whatever she puts her hand in, turns out to be incredible. There is no doubt that she will absolutely be a good manager since she knows marketing and is excellent at events management,” said Chameleone.

“I can’t wait to see my talent turned into gold and taken to international level once more,” he added.

Managerial handshake: It’s a done deal.

Chameleone said, “I am now sorted because someone very talented and dedicated is going to be my new manager. I strongly believe in Bijoux for she has been in the music industry for long and knows how things work within and beyond the industry.”

Fortunate Bijoux started off as a dancer years back, she featured in Jackie Chandiru’s Gold Digger track among others.


She is currently Events and Operations manager at Talent Africa and is Muchachos boss as well.


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