Chameleone Makes Public Apology To Hon. Ruth Nankabirwa

Singer Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleone publicly apologized to the Honorable Minister Ruth Nankabirwa during a press conference he held yesterday at his new bar in Kololo.

Chameleone snatched away the microphone from Nankabirwa during the show he dubbed ‘Legend Saba Saba’ last weekend at Lugogo Cricket Oval when she was trying to officially launch Balaam’s new Radio station.

“I honestly apologize to the Minister for my behavior. I have nothing against her, it was just a hyper moment my adrenaline was extremely high I dint realize she was still talking, “the music Doctor apologized humbly.

He added that Balaam had not informed him of how the program was going to be like.

“The issue was that Balaam held a security meeting but not a program meeting! I had no idea there would be a guest of honor! I never knew about speeches! Why would I chase away someone who had brought for me 20million?”

Chameleone’s behavior at that point during the event left everyone shocked and wondering if he was acting political as he had left people power’s Bobi Wine to address the crowd without interruption moments after ashaming the Minister.

“I am not people power I am not NRM… I am my own man. Bobi Wine is my long term friend so when I saw him in the crowd I called him out because he is a fellow artist but it was never about politics,” the ‘Champion’ singer emphasized.

He went on to disclose that what the public never noticed is that when the Minister took on the stage some people had started throwing a few bottles at the speaker, something he tried to suppress.


It is said that since then, the organizer of the show Balaam Barugahara has not been in talking terms with Chameleone since he is the one who brought the Minister on stage where she got embarrassed from.

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