Chameleone, King Saha Excite Runners at the MTN Marathon in Gulu

Super star Jose Chameleone, King Saha and Tempra Omona on Sunday got runners on their feet at the MTN 2018 Marathon in Gulu.

The Marathon which sold out all the kits by Friday was attended by thousands of Gulu natives and began at 6am sharp.

After the morning race it was time for entertainment for the marathoners as they refreshed up.

Tempra Omona kick stated the performances in Gulu

The first on stage was Gulu’s own Tempra Omona who rocked the crowed as they sang along in the language they understand best.

Later King Saha came on stage and put up a performance of a memorable performance that left Gulu locals on their feet.

The best was saved for last as Chameleone put up a show considered to be a class act with hit after hit that left fans and runners yearning for more when he left stage.

King Saha performing

Chameleone also gave a fan the chance of his life to perform with him on stage.

This was the first MTN Marathon in Gulu and we must say that it was a great success.

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