Chameleone Defends Bebe Cool, Explains his now-Modest Life Style

Jose Chameleone is standing by singer Bebe Cool’s side over continuous criticism from the public that “he doesn’t own a house.”

In a recent interview with Bukedde TV presenter Fifi Da Queen, Chameleone wonders why the people insist on poking their noses in celebrity lifestyles, more especially Bebe Cool.

“For instance, one wakes up and suddenly they are pouring scorn on Bebe Cool for not owning a house – do they want to sleep in it?  Is it yours?”

“They should leave the man (Bebe Cool), and give him time when time comes he will construct one,” he said.

The “Valu Valu” hit maker also hit at fans whose only interest is in comparing celebrities “so that they keep tarnishing our names.”

Last Saturday, part of the statement Bebe Cool released in Defence of “a lot of people from Uganda attacking me and my wife over a local election in Uganda,” hinted on the above.

“Success and achievements are relative. While some of you believe that owning a residential house is an achievement, some of us believe in owning commercial properties that will ensure a steady return on investment for a lifetime,” the singer wrote.

During the interview, Chameleone also told the radio presenter why he no longer lives a lavish and showy lifestyle.


“I now diverted most of my money into farming. I own a farm with over 4000 goats and 280 cows,” he claimed.

Chameleone had also, in an interview with a local tabloid, told the reporter that he spends a lot of money (Shs20m) on school fees so he can no longer afford thrift spending.

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