Chaka Chaka Declined Offer to Fix Visa Issue – Fox Odoi

South African singer Yvonne Chaka Chaka reportedly refused to cooperate with Ugandan authorities before she was deported out of the country.

Chaka Chaka, who was scheduled to perform at the Enkuuka New year celebrations in Lubiri, Mengo, was put on a plane back home on Monday, on grounds that she was in the country on a wrong visa.

Police said the foreign musician had initially been granted an ordinary visa which was cancelled by immigration officials after it was realised that she had come as a performing artist in one of the ongoing new year’s festivals in Kampala.

“The ordinary visa cannot enable her engage in any income generating activity within the country,” said police spokesman Fred Enanga.

However, according to former  West Budama MP Fox Odoi, Chaka Chaka was offered an opportunity to rectify her visa issue but she declined and asked to return home.

Odoi who who works as a legal ad visor at Pearl of Africa Hotel says the singer “shouted at police officers” when they tried to explain the situation to her.

“The police politely requested to have a discussion with her and her team. The discussions happened at the drop off area of the hotel,” he said.

“(They) police requested Chaka Chaka and her team to stay at the hotel and refrain from the commission of Visa violations. Chaka Chaka was rather angry throughout the discussions and kept shouting at the police officers who, in all fairness remained professional.”


Odoi says at one point he intervened in the discussions and that the police offered to drive Chaka Chaka’s promoters to the Ministry of Internal Affairs so they could apply for a Work Visa.

“Chaka Chaka declined. She demanded to be escorted to the airport and declared she was leaving the country. A number of us pleaded with her to give her team and the police time to sort out the Visa issue. She refused”

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