Centenary Park Demolition Exercise Begins

The demolition of illegal structures at the Centenary Park in Kampala is starting today Monday.

Graders are currently pulling down restaurants and bars.

The Centenary Park battle has pitted powerful business leaders against high ranking government officials.

Sarah Kizito and her husband Amooti Kizito, who is a senior ruling NRM party member, have accused KCCA (KCCA) Executive Director, Jenifer Musisi of nursing a personal vendetta against them.

The Centenary Park land belongs to KCCA.

It was leased to Kizito some years ago where she constructed a storied building for her personal business.

While the lease expired, Ms Kizito claimed ownership of the land.

She had vowed not to move an inch even after National Water and Sewerage Corporation maintained it needed the land lay sewerage pipes eight metres deep in the ground.


KCCA, UNRA, NWSC and Parliament have for long asked Kizito to leave the land which she does not own so that public infrastructure can be developed in vain.

What’s at stake?

NWSC is working on improving the Kampala Sewerage infrastructure some of which was installed 50 years ago.

In total, NWSC are doing 31kms of sewer lines in Kampala and building the largest sewerage treatment plant in East and Central Africa in Wankoko Bugolobi.

The plant will treat 45 million litres of water per day and serve an equivalent of 850,000 people daily.

It will also help treat water from Nakivubo Channel before it goes to Lake Victoria.

The plant will also generate 0.6MW of electricity using biogas.

The Centenary Park section of the Sewer Network is only 700 metres of the 31kms NWSC is laying.

Officials say that section is important because it drains sewerage from Serena Hotel, Sheraton, Crested Towers, Garden City, Kitante Road and Kololo.

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