Celebrities Mourn Fashion Stylist Chuck Brian Salvator

Tragedy befell the country last evening on L. Victoria claiming over 30 lives and counting including renowned fashion stylist Chuck Brian Salvator, who were having fun on a boat cruise.

Numerous celebrities including musicians, stylists and socialites that ever worked with him have come out to mourn him as he was enormously gifted and talented in his work.

“Rest In Peace all my friends I lost in this Boat Cruise that was sailing away to bring such pain. May the angels Hug you and I pray God makes us strong to get over this that seems like a dream. What a night mare,” singer Jose Chameleone posted tagging Salavator.

RIP Chuck Brian Salvator

Desire Luzinda also posted the late’s photo and captioned, “Please Lord, we are praying for many more. It is too terrifying to hold.”

NBS TV’s Douglas Lwanga also put up a tear dropping post, “Your supposed to be the last king (Salvator’s instagram name), you can’t die now. This damn Boat cruise claimed your life brother, wake up Chuck Wake up you can’t just die like that. This must be a bad dream.”

Chuck Brian Salvator, born Brian Ndoori was among Uganda’s most popular fashion stylists who used to use Instagram to create awareness for his brand #CHUCKSalvator.

Chuck Brian Salvator never made it back alive

He dressed artistes such as Juliana Kanyomozi and Desire Luzinda; worked at Brenda Nambi’s Bambi Fashion House while in Senior Six vacation and House of Lukoma toward end of University before starting up his own store and brand.

Salvator breathed his last after the boat on which they were enjoying a cruise capsized in L. Victoria last night.

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