Celebration as Assessors Advise Court to Acquit Kamoga

The International Crimes Division court (ICD) of High Court on Tuesday morning erupted in celebration after court assessors advised the court to acquit former Tabliq sect leader sheikh Yunus Kamoga and 13 others with whom he is accused of murder of fellow Muslim clerics, attempted murder and terrorism.

The 3 court assessors Robert Lubega Sseguya, Judith Muhairwe and Muhammad Ddumba advised the three judges handling the matter Ezikiel Muhanguzi, Jane Kiggundu and Percy Tuhaise to acquit all the accused persons because in the evidence before court Prosecution failed to prove the ingredients of murder, terrorism and attempted murder against any of the accused persons to warrant their conviction.

The assessors in their joint opinion deduced that prosecution’s evidence is marred with inconsistences, and also dismissed the late Sheikh Bahiga’s alleged dying declaration that it was Sheikh Kamoga who had killed him.

The assessors also pointed out the fact that  Sheikh Hassan Kirya was murdered when all the accused persons were on remand at Luzira Prison and out of the 36 prosecution witness none of them pinned directly any of the accused to have had a hand in that murder.

On the charge of attempted murder of Sheikh Harunah Jemba, the Assessors pointed out that the victim (Jemba) himself testified in court that he never saw the people who attacked him at his home because he was hiding under his bed.

The assessors’ opinion however is not final, and the judges may choose to ignore it basing on other factors.

The Presiding Judges announced that they will give their judgement on the matter on the 11th/August 2017.

All the accused persons were remanded back to Luzira and Kigo Prisons amidst chanting and celebrations from their relatives and friends.

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