Cecilia Ogwal Mourns Kyotera Woman MP, Cautions on Safety during Campaigns 

The Dokolo district woman Member of Parliament, Cecilia Ogwal has mourned the death of Kyotera district counterpart, Ssentongo Robina Nakasirye and tipped politicians on safety during campaign rallies.

Mrs. Ogwal said in a message posted her social media page that the departing of Ssentongo, a third legislator to die of COVID-19 is incomprehensible and threatening.

“We have sadly lost another Member of Parliament today. This feeling is unfathomable, hurting and at the same time threatening,” said Cecilia.

She appealed to the population to maintain the standard operating protocols to safeguard against the contagious disease which has already killed 230 people in Uganda and infected 30,071.

“Dear Ugandans, let us mask up, social distance and sanitize, always. Let us all engage in behavioural change communication to help our complacent communities,” said Cecilia.

She called on politicians to ensure that all their supporters attend rallies with their masks and maintain social distancing or not dare to touch each other.

“For my colleagues, the politicians, as we go around addressing the voters, let’s all demand that they all come to attend rallies with their masks on, and let’s encourage them during rallies not to touch each other and maintain social distancing,” she said.

Cecilia reveled that she also lost a close childhood friend to COVID-19, Alice Oder, the wife to former Supreme Court Judge, late Justice Arthur Haggai Oder.



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