CEC Recommends Queuing Up for Constitutional Amendment

In a meeting chaired by the National Chairman H.E Gen. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni in Entebbe, the Central Executive Committee (CEC) discussed the proposed amendments to the NRM Constitution and adopted only lining up as a mode of voting during internal Party elections.

This will be presented to the National Executive Council (NEC) later today for further consideration before forwarding the same to the National Conference on Saturday.

The Party Senior leaders widely discussed the advantages that come along with this proposed amendment, some of which include:

Reduction in logistical and financial costs; there will be no procurement of ballot papers, buckets, indelible ink, pens and basins among other electoral materials.

It will provide for a desirable Party cohesion because of being transparent, uproot multiple voting and reduce on temptations of election manipulation and commercialization of politics.

The queuing mode is expected to reduce on administrative costs the Party has been grappling with and cure challenges of election postponement due to delays in production, packing and transportation of huge volumes of election materials.

Lining up will be in conformity with the National Laws of Uganda especially the Local Government Act. It will cure allegations of ballot stuffing, eliminate and make extremely risky the phenomenon of election managers swapping results.

Allegations of ghost Polling Stations will also be eliminated.


It is assumed that if approved by NEC today and the National Conference tomorrow, the NRM Secretariat will proceed and generate appropriate and enabling election materials that will include Voter Education Literature.

This proposal was earlier on in December endorsed by various NRM delegates in their respective constituencies in paving way for the forthcoming party primaries.

CEC, besides formulating policies for National Executive Committee (NEC) to consider, is also responsible for propagating the approved policies in exercising political leadership in the country.

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