CCTV Project: Police To Train 3000 National Security Camera Operators

The Uganda police force is set to select three thousand policemen who will undergo a specialized training to operate security cameras across the country.

The Deputy Director ICT in the Uganda Police Force said that the officers to be trained will be equipped with CCTV management skills to help handle the ongoing national safe city CCTV project.

“About 3000 monitoring agents in different categories like operators, traffic, field officers, command and control, technical engineers, computer scientists and technicians will be trained to manage the day to day operations of the system and its maintenance,” said Police Deputy Director ICT CP Yusuf Sewanyana.

Speaking at Natete Police station which is also the temporary camera command center, Sewanyana added that “We shall train specialists in power management, video analysis, artificial intelligence and machine language.”

He noted that some officers are already receiving practical training in installing equipment in data centers, aligning fibers, installing monitor walls and cameras.

AIGP Haruna Isabirye, Director Human Resource Development urged the officers to be committed if the national CCTV project is to be a success.

“Grasp the objectives of this project, understand the concept and be committed, it’s a multiplier effect where these machines will help us in easy policing and fighting against crime, investigations, response detect and prevent crime,” he said.




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