Catholic Bishops Push for Post Election Dialogue

Catholic Bishops have called upon candidates who will emerge winners in the forthcoming general elections to avail a conducive environment for talks, negotiations and reconciliation with their counterparts who won’t make it through to the respective posts.

In a Pastoral letter endorsed by all Catholic Bishops in the country delivered by Bishop Joseph Anthony Zziwa, the Chairperson of Uganda Episcopal Conference, the religious leaders stated that life will not end with the elections and people will continue staying and working together, “but this will be possible if there is peace in the country.”

“We advise the ruling party that will come to power to initiate a process of national dialogue and reconciliation. There are many outstanding issues in our country that cannot be resolved by elections or a mere change in leadership,” Bishop Zziwa said.

He pointed out that Ugandans need to be given an opportunity to chart a future together and strive “to promote a society befitting to God and mankind.”

He asked the Electoral Commission to organize free and fair elections whose outcomes should be transparent  and authentic to avoid leading the country into turmoil.

These have asked politicians to distance themselves from acts of corrupting voters since it is against democracy.

“Candidates should avoid abusing and attacking each other but rather focus on presenting their manifestos and programs to the voters,” he said.

The letter also cautions security personnel to respect human rights while they enforce the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) as regards Covid-19 prevention “because it would not be proper to kill somebody under the guise of enforcement of Ministry of Health regulations.”


“We condemn in the strongest terms all the people who have attacked and assaulted journalists in line of their duty, the Electoral Commission should prevail over these security agencies,” he warned.


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