CASE Hospital Speaks Out On Death of NSSF Employee

The Buganda Road based CASE Hospital, website like this which yesterday came under attack for alleged negligence, has come out to explain the circumstances under which a pregnant employee of the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) passed way in their hands.

Jean Kiconco 36,  who was delivering her second child on Tuesday at the Hospital, had her liver fatally rupture under intense blood pressure, killing her in labor.

The Hospital issued a statement this morning saying that they were “saddened by extremely unfortunate events that preceded the demise of our beloved patient Ms Jean Kiconco.”

Calling for patience until the Postmortem Report comes out, the health facility explained that the deceased’s condition deteriorated too fast.

The family and friends of Kiconco said yesterday that the Hospital staff didn’t pay enough attention to the her.

“There was a lot of negligence, the doctor told us to go to the labor ward but we were not allowed in for about two hours yet she was already weak,” said one of her friends Nyangoma while speaking at a requiem service held on Wednesday at St. Andrews Church of Uganda in Bukoto.

Nyangoma speaks during the requiem service yesterday
Nyangoma speaks during the requiem service yesterday

She revealed that the doctors tried to compel Kiconco to give birth naturally although she had been warned against the same during her previous delivery, adding that they were in the theater for over six hours before she was pronounced dead.

CASE’s Story


The Hospital however explained in today’s statement that the deceased had acute Cholecystitis and Liver Steatosis which was why she was referred to them.

To deliver the child safely, they said, they needed to contain Kiconco’s worsening blood pressure, which they were unable to do, leading to the rupture of her liver.

“She came in with severe upper abdominal pain which she said had begun early that morning. She was first seen at Norvik Hospital and done a scan that indicated that the pregnancy was ok but she had acute Cholecystitis and Liver Steatosis and was hence referred for admission at CASE Hospital.

Both Kiconco and the baby didn't survive.
Both Kiconco and the baby didn’t survive.

When she reached CASE, on assessment, her BP (Blood Pressure) was extremely high and she had an acute pain in the tummy area. She was investigated and results suggested that she had HELLP Syndrome which is a rare complication go High Blood pressure during pregnancy.

Jean was admitted immediately and it was explained to her and her relatives that her condition was risky to her life and that of the baby and warranted immediate intervention of a cesarean section. As part of the preparations, she had to be reviewed by a team of anesthetists who tried their level best to stabilize her high BP which had drastically shot up by now.”

Because of the high BP, it was very risky to put her under general anesthesia but her condition continued deteriorating. An emergency Caesarian section was done (with one of the relatives in theatre). During operation, blood was found in the abdomen with an intact uterus. The baby was delivered (dead) and the uterus closed. Upon further exploration, it was noticed that Jean’s liver had been ruptured irreparably and this led her into possible irreversible shock. We await the postmortem report.”

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