Carry Your Cross, Finance Ministry Tells Parliament on Shs10b Allocation

The Ministry of Finance, Planning and Economic Development has said it has nothing to do with allocation of Shs10 billion to Parliament for fighting coronavirus.
Parliamentarians are under fire for allocating Shs10 billion of the supplementary budget approved for fighting coronavirus to themselves.
Speaking in an interview, Jimmy Mugunga, the Finance ministry spokesperson, said that they were not consulted by the Budget committee of Parliament.

“I am not aware of any specific consultations undertaken for that decision with the Ministry of Finance. What I know is that Parliament is responsible for appropriation of available resources,” Mr Mugunga said.

“This decision if indeed undertaken may have been done under that mandate. It is legally sorted and probably the issues would be its relevancy, morality and timing against competing emergence priorities,” he added. 
Four-time presidential candidate Dr Kizza Besigye has joined a growing list of Ugandans that have gone to social media to criticize Parliament for taking a position of the covid-19 money instead of MPs contributing to the fight from their pockets .          
 “Sincerely what is wrong with Uganda’s leaders? Everywhere in the world, leaders are donating their earnings to help the covid-19 fight. Uganda’s leaders see an opportunity to increase their benefits. MPs getting more than $5000 each to help them fight covid-19. Stop this habit,” Dr Besigye said.      
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