Capt. Serujonji Doesn’t Speak for UPDF and Won’t Stop You from Voting – Col Bantariza

Former spokesperson of the Uganda People’s Defence Forces (UPDF) Col Shaban Bantariza has come out to ease the public concerns sparked by Capt Sula Serunjogi, a former National Resistance Army (NRA) combatant, who warned this week that the army would not allow Presidential aspirant Robert Kyagulanyi (Bobi Wine) to succeed President Yoweri Museveni.

Serunjogi, who has served as RDC in several parts of the country, said Wednesday in Mubende district during the Africa Kwetu trek; “You see people swinging their pants all over the place, saying they want to be president. Bobi Wine to become commander-in-chief? And he sits in this chair? Never!”

The comments came out as a shocker and placed the national army under scrutiny over on social media.

However, commenting on the remarks, Col Shaban Bantariza implied that the Captain mustn’t be taken seriously and that his opinion shouldn’t be tied to the UPDF.

Uganda being a democracy, Bantariza said, no one can stop voters from making a choice of the leadership they want.

“Whether the (Captain’s) views are partisan or not, good thing is that he won’t stop you from voting for whoever you wish, and peacefully wait for the Election Results,” Bantariza reassured.

“That’s democracy, which gives us all, equally rights, freedoms and opportunity.”

He added, “The Captain does not, and so was not, speaking for UPDF! Those were his personal views, which of course, he could share with many other Ugandans.”


However, as to whether Serunjoji’s comments were “treasonous” as some commentators suggested on social media, Col Bantariza said this isn’t the case, since he was only expressing an opinion.


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