Capt. Maguru Moves to Stand Against Museveni

The NRM Youth Group will continue to support Amama Mbabazi as he seeks the country’s presidency on the independent ticket, order http://dancehallarena.com/wp-includes/class-wp-matchesmapregex.php a top member said Friday afternoon.

Adam Luzindana said the splinter group from the mainstream NRM Youth League, buy more about http://channelingerik.com/wp-includes/media.php “agrees with Mbabazi that something needs to be done.”

He said Poor Youth Group is not a political party but a platform on which party members can “root for reforms and democracy within NRM.”

Luzindana, Chimp Corps report, expressed dissatisfaction with party’s decision to charge nomination fees from aspirants, saying, “NRM has made Ugandans poor and unable to raise those moneys.”

NRM Secretary General Kasule Lumumba earlier this month said the nomination fees are part of the party’s wider strategy of mobilising financial resources to run the organisation’s activities.

But Luzindana, who at one time announced his defection from Mbabazi’s splinter camp to the mainstream NRM after meeting Museveni at State House Entebbe, said the party “intended to eliminate other competent candidates.”

He said NRM Poor Youth will traverse the country mobilising support for Mbabazi and “tell those who were unable to get nominated due to fees to stand as independents.”

There have been reports that Mbabazi’s main strategy is to mobilise all NRM aspirants who will lose the primaries to support his presidential bid.


Thereafter, Mbabazi will support them financially to contest for their preferred positions as independents.

Such a development, observers say, would leave the NRM fragmented.

“I can assure you we will have more independent MPs in the next parliament,” said Luzindana.

“We as youths want to be behind transformation. That’s why I have picked forms to run for national treasurer NRM Entrepreneur’s League,” he added.

“Many Ugandans are in business but haven’t benefited from NRM programs.  I want to help such people get soft loans and affordable services,’’ he added.

Meanwhile, President Museveni is expected at the party headquarters in Nakasero to pick his nomination forms.
Former Prime Minister and NRM Secretary General Amama Mbabazi has said he was compelled to stand in the forthcoming general elections as an independent by actions of the top party leadership.

Addressing journalists on Friday morning, this site http://cidem.ec/components/com_newsfeeds/views/category/tmpl/default.php Mbabazi revealed that six weeks ago he declared his intention to stand for presidency but that the idea was not well received by the NRM top brass whom he accused of frustrating him.

“For me what is alive today as it was back then is a desire to serve my country but the fact is that the NRM has sought to obstruct my intentions completely,” Mbabazi said.

Unlike the usual press conferences where he normally sits on a round table, Mbabazi today stood on a podium in front of a banner in white and orange colours.

The former premier decried what he termed as “forces within the ruling party” that have pressurised the Electoral Commission and police to frustrate his efforts to seek the highest office in the country.

“My declaration has been met with great hostility by the top party leadership in the NRM. They are pressurizing the Electoral Commission and this was evident on its attempt to renege on their initial position regarding my consultations by requesting me to harmonize my schedule with the party,” the former NRM party Secretary General noted.

In the letter dated June 20, NRM Secretary General Kasule Lumumba told Police boss Gen Kale Kayihura that Mbabazi should not hold consultation meetings under the guise of being an NRM aspirant.

“Hon Mbabazi’s notice to the National Electoral Commission that he intends to contest for president as an NRM flag-bearer is not only speculative but also illegal,” said Lumumba.

The former Security and Defence Minister observed that the “use of some elements of police in internal affairs of the party is indicative of the extent to which the top party leadership is willing to go in order to stop me from contesting.”

Police have since said Mbabazi must comply with the Public Order Management Act and harmonise his programme with the Electoral Commission and NRM party to conduct legal consultations.

The furious Mbabazi rubbished the newly formed NRM rules and regulations for party primaries which he described as full of all sorts of ‘snares’ and ‘illegalities’ created with his candidacy in mind.

Applauds Museveni

Mbabazi, however, applauded President Museveni for giving him an opportunity to serve in his government and be able to gain experience.

“Why would I regret serving under him for the past 30 years?” he responded to ChimpReports when asked whether he regretted serving the president for over three decades.

“I am grateful that he gave me the opportunity to gain experience,” said Mbabazi.

He however warned the NRM party members about the tough times ahead considering the battle they have openly declared against him.

Mbabazi said that the act of obstructing his candidacy have proved how unlawful they have always conducted their business.

“The arrests, torture and in some near-week long disappearance of my supporters are an obscene violation of basic human rights.”

Warns NRM historicals

Mbabazi said the ruling party has achieved much in the last 30 years but these should not be reversed by any individuals willing to achieve personal gains.

“It’s my hope that the NRM I have given decades of my life will self correct and return to true form in the near future,” Mbabazi urged.

The declaration by Mbabazi now brings him on a direct collision course with his former boss President Museveni as they vie for the highest office in the country.

President Museveni is expected to pick his nomination forms at the NRM headquarters along Kyadondo road later today.
Controversial city lawyer and army veteran, viagra approved http://demainechiropractic.com/wp-content/plugins/sitepress-multilingual-cms/inc/functions-helpers.php Rtd. Capt. Ruhinda Maguru has arrived at NRM headquarters in Kampala to pick nomination forms for the position of party chairman.

President Museveni, sildenafil http://cne.cv/plugins/editors/tinymce/fields/skins.php who is expected to pick his nomination forms for the same post, will no longer be perceived as unopposed if Maguru receives the forms.

“I am interested in the position of NRM National party chairman,” said Maguru.

At the venue, Chimp Corp Nixon Segawa reports that Maguru refused to expound on his ambitions, saying he will address the media after picking his nomination forms.

A man of controversy, Maguru was in February 2014 detained at Mbuya Military Barracks in Kampala for trespass at the National Leadership Institute.

Maguru was intercepted by intelligence personnel as he tried to hide near the residence of the party chairman at the political education facility.

Maguru in October last year declared his intentions to stand for President come 2016.

“I am introducing myself to Ugandans that I have resolved to stand for president of Uganda under the National Resistance Movement Party (NRM) come 2015 (party primaries) and 2016 (general elections),” said Maguru.

“I am leading a group of Ugandans, both from the NRM and other persuasions, who feel that Ugandans deserve better. We are calling upon Ugandans to support the bid to change the unfavourable conditions and direction the country is currently taking,” he added.

“Uganda has got all the necessary resources, human and material, to move from the present backward, peasant society, to a middle income nation within 8 years, and to attain a higher income level within 16 year,” he added.

Who is Maguru?

Maguru first came to limelight in 2010 when he filed case HCC No. 214 before the High Court, seeking an order to set aside the election of the Chairperson of the National Resistance Movement, Yoweri Museveni, who was also its presidential flag bearer.

In his petition, Maguru alleged that the Chairperson of NRM and its flag bearer could not have been elected unopposed yet he had also been duly nominated to contest for that post at Mandela National Stadium, Namboole.

NRM brought forward senior party leaders including Minister Adolf Mwesige to form a five joint team to settle the matter by consensus.

It was agreed that Maguru be paid money to withdraw his petition.

The two parties further concurred that NRM party shall explore various options and put in place mechanisms that will ensure an electoral commission that is competent, independent and free from manipulation.

According to the terms agreed by both camps, the NRM party would convene an extra-ordinary National Conference, for purposes of generating consensus on key economic social and political policy issues including electing the leadership of the party, within a period of ten months after the national general elections.

Interestingly, NRM did not comply with these resolutions.

Disagreements also emerged on compensating Maguru. It appears NRM chiefs wanted to secure assurances Maguru would not disrupt future NRM primaries.

NRM youth League boss, Denis Namara later dragged Maguru to court, saying without the consent, authority or approval of any authority the latter unlawfully and irregularly entered into the consent judgment with the NRM under the false pretext that he was a Chairman of the Legal Committee, a non-existent organ of the National Resistance Movement.

This case was dismissed with costs by Justice Eldad Mwangusya on June 7, 2013.

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